Describing the Pain of Chronic Lyme

March 14, 2018...What is the worst pain you have ever experienced? Take that moment of pain that knocks you off your feet, that grinds into every joint and bone in your body, that makes you feel like you could vomit at any second if it continues. Imagine if that pain would creep into your world … Continue reading Describing the Pain of Chronic Lyme


December 21, 2017...Warrior. What does that word mean to you? Do you feel like a warrior? Battling a chronic illness can be draining not only physically but also mentally. The mind games, anxiety, panic, depression can all be so overwhelming. Where do you find the strength to pull yourself out of bed or get yourself … Continue reading Warrior

Out of Order

November 1, 2017...Somedays the pain becomes too much to grin an bear. Your head spins to figure out what you did differently to cause pain levels to skyrocket out of control. ~ Today is one of those days. After a great nights sleep last night and feeling fantastic this morning, I might have overdone it … Continue reading Out of Order

When the Smile Fades

October 17, 2017...This photo was snapped just moments after spending the morning with my daughter and niece at a fashion show. We had a blast walking the runway and looking at all the fall fashion trends. ~ Fast forward to two hours later and my smile had faded. Pain and fatigue busted down the doors … Continue reading When the Smile Fades

Good News; Bad News

August 25,2017...Hands like ice, three numb fingers, vibrations pulsing throughout your body, pins and needles in both feet, pain in back and neck, brain fog, feeling like passing out, sensitivity to lights and current list of roller coaster symptoms that I am experiencing daily goes on. Battling chronic Lyme is no joke. It is … Continue reading Good News; Bad News

A Boulder Slamming on my Chest

August 4, 2017..Imagine waking up everyday to a scene straight from the movie Groundhogs Day. The alarm goes off at the same time every morning. Your eyes blink to adjust and the same reality hits you like a boulder being dropped on your chest. Chronic fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, brain fog, GI issues, dizziness, … Continue reading A Boulder Slamming on my Chest

Insomnia, Stabbing Pains, Tinnitus…Oh My!!!

May 24, 2017...Week one of the stepped up treatment protocol has come and gone. I have been miserable most of the week so the good news is that the treatment is working. My doctor said week one would be bad, she wasn't kidding. The debilitating fatigue has left and tons of energy has been dropped … Continue reading Insomnia, Stabbing Pains, Tinnitus…Oh My!!!