The Face of Pain

What does pain look like? Most days, my pain is not visible, although when I was deep in my battle, I was unable to hide the reality of excruciating pain that ruled my every move. When the pain was unbearable, I would hide. I would retreat to my spot on the hardwood floor in a … Continue reading The Face of Pain

Out of Order

November 1, 2017...Somedays the pain becomes too much to grin an bear. Your head spins to figure out what you did differently to cause pain levels to skyrocket out of control. ~ Today is one of those days. After a great nights sleep last night and feeling fantastic this morning, I might have overdone it … Continue reading Out of Order

When the Smile Fades

October 17, 2017...This photo was snapped just moments after spending the morning with my daughter and niece at a fashion show. We had a blast walking the runway and looking at all the fall fashion trends. ~ Fast forward to two hours later and my smile had faded. Pain and fatigue busted down the doors … Continue reading When the Smile Fades

“But You Look so Healthy”

May 7, 2017...The part of my illness that you don’t see. When the fatigue and pain become too much, I hide. I retreat to “my spot” on the couch or in bed. Saturday afternoon, my body was tired of fighting. When your body is constantly in battle mode against itself, it eventually will rebel and … Continue reading “But You Look so Healthy”