“But You Look so Healthy”

The part of my illness that you don’t see. When the fatigue and pain become too much, I hide. I retreat to “my spot” on the couch or in bed.
Saturday afternoon, my body was tired of fighting. When your body is constantly in battle mode against itself, it eventually will rebel and you will not be able to push yourself anymore. After 12 hours of sleep, you would think I would fly out of bed feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day. Instead my morning was filled with an epsom salt bath and my new routines to help detox my body of whatever has a hold on it.

Somedays are easier than others to leave the house. It seems like the hours I spend out of the house are directly correlated to the hours I will need to spend on the couch in recovery mode. Being “lazy” or stuck on the couch is NOT my idea of fun.
Lyme is such a complicated illness. I look at people with the exact same illness as myself and they look so healthy. I’m sure people think the same thing about me.
How can I be so sick yet look so normal? How can I feel so awful on the inside? Why is my body being destroyed from the inside out?
I am learning so much about myself and about the many people who have suffered for years battling this illness. People battling Lyme are typically abandoned by insurance companies and the majority of doctors. I will continue to share my story to help raise awareness for this illness that has no cure.
My reality today is that I have an AMAZING support system. My husband, my kiddos, my family and all my friends…seriously…you all make me smile, you keep me in line, you keep me motivated to fight.
This afternoon was full of sunshine and family time. Ahhh…a much needed break from reality. Tonight, insomnia has once again knocked on my front door. I tried to slam it shut, but it seems to have let itself in. Cheers to my battling friends! Whatever your battles may be, stand tall with me and FIGHT! God’s got US! #fighter #letsbattle #lymeawareness #lymewarrior

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