Overcoming Trauma from Chronic Illness

It only took 3 years, one ambulance ride, multiple ER visits, cardiac specialists, multiple doctors, a ridiculous diagnosis of PTSD and being labeled as a mental case to receive a proper diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease. I’m one of the lucky ones. Most patients see many more specialists over the course of more than 10 … Continue reading Overcoming Trauma from Chronic Illness

Docs Orders: Go to Urgent Care

July 30, 2017...I have had days of feeling great and have been adding much more back into my schedule. I still struggle with trying to figure out what my new limits are and trying to listen to my body. Pushing my limits causes setbacks. The last few days have been very rough. After multiple texts … Continue reading Docs Orders: Go to Urgent Care

“But You Look so Healthy”

May 7, 2017...The part of my illness that you don’t see. When the fatigue and pain become too much, I hide. I retreat to “my spot” on the couch or in bed. Saturday afternoon, my body was tired of fighting. When your body is constantly in battle mode against itself, it eventually will rebel and … Continue reading “But You Look so Healthy”

You Have Chronic Lyme Disease

March 6, 2017...Stabbing pains, brain fog, rash, itchy skin, cold hands, numb fingers, fatigue, aches, crawling skin, “bugs eating your brain” and insomnia. Symptoms vary from day to day, minute to minute, and can truly mess with your head. I have experienced each one of these symptoms and more for quite some time over the … Continue reading You Have Chronic Lyme Disease

The Day My World Came Crashing Down

March 31, 2014...The day my world stopped, literally! One second I was enjoying an evening out with my family and the next second I opened my eyes as I was laying on the floor at a local restaurant surrounded by my family on their knees and the owner of the restaurant on the phone with … Continue reading The Day My World Came Crashing Down