Docs Orders: Go to Urgent Care

I have had days of feeling great and have been adding much more back into my schedule. I still struggle with trying to figure out what my new limits are and trying to listen to my body. Pushing my limits causes setbacks. The last few days have been very rough. After multiple texts back and forth with my doctors yesterday morning, they determined it was best for me to go to Urgent Care to be checked out.
My initial symptoms were pointing to a UTI. All of my vitals were fine. The doctor sat and listened to me and worked hard to try to put the pieces together to figure out the source of my pain and discomfort. She thought possible appendicitis, ovarian cysts, a stomach virus, or just Lyme being Lyme and mimicking other medical issues. I was sent home with strict orders to rest and to report to the ER with any changes.
Lyme is such a complicated illness. My symptoms change all the time as we continue to treat and kill it off. The treatment protocol is tiring. Detoxing, taking medications and supplements to boost my depleted immune system, eliminating toxins from my environment, preparing healthy meals within the dietary restrictions, blood work, doctors appointments….everyday is a challenge to continue to battle an illness with no cure.
Just last week I learned of two more friends who were diagnosed with Lyme. Prevention is key! Wear bug spray when going outside. You can get Lyme from more than just a tick bite. Mosquitoes and a variety of other small insects can also be carriers. If you get a suspicious bite, go to the doctor right away. Early treatment makes a huge difference. Keep praying for those who are fighting this horrible illness. #GodsgotUS #stillfighting #lymewarrior

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