A Boulder Slamming on my Chest

Imagine waking up everyday to a scene straight from the movie Groundhogs Day. The alarm goes off at the same time every morning. Your eyes blink to adjust and the same reality hits you like a boulder being dropped on your chest. Chronic fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, brain fog, GI issues, dizziness, stabbing pains, skin irritations…the same reality that you have faced for months maybe even years is still hanging over your head. Bringing your body to an upright position and simply taking that first step takes extra thought so you don’t end up face planting on the floor. You start your day with immune boosting vitamins and supplements galore. After a quick glance at your calendar for the day, you figure out what must be done and push everything else to the back burner…again.

This reality is what chronic Lyme warriors deal with everyday. My symptoms are not near as severe as they were months ago, yet they still creep up and linger on a daily basis. I hide many symptoms, although the reality is that they are still there and it is exhausting to ignore the fact that Lyme still has a grip on my body. I have invested a lot of research, time, money and energy into detox methods that work best to flush out the toxins Lyme Disease has built up in my system.

Today I found myself exploring another treatment option that I recently learned about from a friend. For 60 minutes, I was zipped into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. 😳 100% pure oxygen is pumped into a high pressure atmosphere. The healing benefits are numerous, especially for people with inflammation and weakened immune systems due to infection. I must admit, I did feel like doing a cartwheel after leaving the facility. I was energized!…although, it didn’t take long for the pain to sneak back up. No treatment will ever be a quick fix, or a cure but it is nice to find some bit of relief to keep pushing towards healing.
“The Chamber” will be awaiting my arrival again Tuesday morning. Hoping a few sessions will give my body the boost it needs to bring back a sense of normalcy into my world.
Keep fighting Lyme warriors. #Godsgotus #tinywindow


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