The Face of Pain

What does pain look like? Most days, my pain is not visible, although when I was deep in my battle, I was unable to hide the reality of excruciating pain that ruled my every move. When the pain was unbearable, I would hide. I would retreat to my spot on the hardwood floor in a … Continue reading The Face of Pain

What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease can affect any organ of the body, including the brain and nervous system, muscles and joints, and the heart. Lyme Disease is millions of microscopic corkscrew bacteria that drill their way through skin, muscles, joints, bones, nerves, organs and brain tissue causing out of control inflammation and a myriad of disabling symptoms which … Continue reading What Is Lyme Disease?

Limitless or Limited?

Limits. We all have them. The number of drinks you can consume while out with friends, the number plates you can fill and eat at a buffet, speed limits...we are surrounded by limits everyday. But what about your body? Do you feel limitless? Do your limits change? What if they change overnight? What if you … Continue reading Limitless or Limited?

Under My Skin…A Typical Day

A snippet of a day in the life of a person battling lyme. The symptoms are complex, they change from minute to minute, they come and go in waves like a roller coaster and many are invisible. It is so hard to explain what lyme patients experience. So much happens under the skin that is … Continue reading Under My Skin…A Typical Day

Insomnia, Stabbing Pains, Tinnitus…Oh My!!!

Week one of the stepped up treatment protocol has come and gone. I have been miserable most of the week so the good news is that the treatment is working. My doctor said week one would be bad, she wasn't kidding. The debilitating fatigue has left and tons of energy has been dropped on me, … Continue reading Insomnia, Stabbing Pains, Tinnitus…Oh My!!!

“But You Look so Healthy”

The part of my illness that you don’t see. When the fatigue and pain become too much, I hide. I retreat to “my spot” on the couch or in bed. Saturday afternoon, my body was tired of fighting. When your body is constantly in battle mode against itself, it eventually will rebel and you will … Continue reading “But You Look so Healthy”

Floating in the LymeLight

Treatment protocol for Lyme Disease varies from person to person. It is trial and error to see what will work for your body to help combat this illness and keep it at bay. During the fight against Lyme, your body can become very run down and tired. Sleepless nights catch up with you. An amazing … Continue reading Floating in the LymeLight