Insomnia, Stabbing Pains, Tinnitus…Oh My!!!

Week one of the stepped up treatment protocol has come and gone. I have been miserable most of the week so the good news is that the treatment is working. My doctor said week one would be bad, she wasn’t kidding.
The debilitating fatigue has left and tons of energy has been dropped on me, although add insomnia, cold hands, stabbing pains that bring you to your knees, tinnitus and a tingly body to the mix and my level of functioning quickly drops. I will continue to fight this battle with both fists swinging. Thank you to my prayer warriors who are getting me and my family through these challenges. It’s not an easy battle, but one worth fighting so I can regain my health. Shout out to all my battling friends. Whatever your battles may be today, pick yourself up and fight with me! We can do this because God’s got US!
#stillbattling #lymesucks #fightinglyme #ineedsleep
Side note: Energy paired with Insomnia = a clean house. Bonus!!!

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