Overcoming Trauma from Chronic Illness

It only took 3 years, one ambulance ride, multiple ER visits, cardiac specialists, multiple doctors, a ridiculous diagnosis of PTSD and being labeled as a mental case to receive a proper diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease. I’m one of the lucky ones. Most patients see many more specialists over the course of more than 10 … Continue reading Overcoming Trauma from Chronic Illness

What Does Healing Look Like?

Healing is being able to hike up Camelback Mountain with your daughter and not have to worry if you will randomly pass out. Healing is being able to attend a Cubs/Cards game with my family and not have a panic attack from a crowded stadium. Healing is saying YES to attending community events and not … Continue reading What Does Healing Look Like?

A Picture of Pain

My illness is hidden. This is what you don’t see. These are my bruises. This is my pain. If the layers of my skin were peeled back, this is what you would see. Lyme disease is no joke. The pain is hidden yet it is so real. It grinds into your joints, muscles, organs...anything it … Continue reading A Picture of Pain

Describing the Pain of Chronic Lyme

What is the worst pain you have ever experienced? Take that moment of pain that knocks you off your feet, that grinds into every joint and bone in your body, that makes you feel like you could vomit at any second if it continues. Imagine if that pain would creep into your world on a … Continue reading Describing the Pain of Chronic Lyme

Hey Siri, How Much Epsom Salt Will I Need to Make Me Feel Human?

You know the feeling you get when you think something is not right? Maybe it's the flu? Maybe it's something you ate? You ignore the signals your body is giving you to push through and do what you want to. Pushing through my day = pain levels skyrocket. Pushing through gives lyme the perfect opportunity … Continue reading Hey Siri, How Much Epsom Salt Will I Need to Make Me Feel Human?

Limitless or Limited?

Limits. We all have them. The number of drinks you can consume while out with friends, the number plates you can fill and eat at a buffet, speed limits...we are surrounded by limits everyday. But what about your body? Do you feel limitless? Do your limits change? What if they change overnight? What if you … Continue reading Limitless or Limited?

Under My Skin…A Typical Day

A snippet of a day in the life of a person battling lyme. The symptoms are complex, they change from minute to minute, they come and go in waves like a roller coaster and many are invisible. It is so hard to explain what lyme patients experience. So much happens under the skin that is … Continue reading Under My Skin…A Typical Day

Insomnia, Stabbing Pains, Tinnitus…Oh My!!!

Week one of the stepped up treatment protocol has come and gone. I have been miserable most of the week so the good news is that the treatment is working. My doctor said week one would be bad, she wasn't kidding. The debilitating fatigue has left and tons of energy has been dropped on me, … Continue reading Insomnia, Stabbing Pains, Tinnitus…Oh My!!!

“But You Look so Healthy”

The part of my illness that you don’t see. When the fatigue and pain become too much, I hide. I retreat to “my spot” on the couch or in bed. Saturday afternoon, my body was tired of fighting. When your body is constantly in battle mode against itself, it eventually will rebel and you will … Continue reading “But You Look so Healthy”