What Does Healing Look Like?

Healing is being able to hike up Camelback Mountain with your daughter and not have to worry if you will randomly pass out. Healing is being able to attend a Cubs/Cards game with my family and not have a panic attack from a crowded stadium. Healing is saying YES to attending community events and not … Continue reading What Does Healing Look Like?

What a Difference a Year Makes

From a brief glance, it would appear I was having the time of my life in both of these pictures snapped at Wrigley Field. You see, these pictures only tell a small part of the story. One was taken in the summer of 2017 while the other was taken just a week ago. I desperately … Continue reading What a Difference a Year Makes

My Skin is Going Crazy!

So what does Lyme Disease actually look like? I would guess most doctors would quickly respond with a bulls eye rash. Yes, that is certainly good reason and visible evidence to point towards a possible Lyme infection, although I never had a bulls eye rash. I never recall being bit by a tick. Every persons battle … Continue reading My Skin is Going Crazy!