My Skin is Going Crazy!

17798980_10155202990306528_5098010927533249378_nSo what does Lyme Disease actually look like? I would guess most doctors would quickly respond with a bulls eye rash. Yes, that is certainly good reason and visible evidence to point towards a possible Lyme infection, although I never had a bulls eye rash. I never recall being bit by a tick.

Every persons battle with Lyme is different. The picture here shows some of the rashes and skin irritations I have experienced over the past four months. Epsom salt baths at least twice a day have become a part of my normal routine to help me to be able to function.
I must say, the past couple of days have been amazing. I have felt “normal” at times. I have felt human. I’m thinking the 70 degree weather and the sunshine might have played a small part in the energy that was dropped on me. I was able to get out of the house and have a night out with my sister. I hit my brick wall around 6 tonight, but it was perfect timing as I am now watching the Cubs beat the Brewers.

One thing that many people fighting Lyme have in common is that they have learned how to hide their hurt or disguise their pain. They ignore their body screaming at them so they can carry on with life. The numerous symptoms are kept hidden and ignored as you push through your day. At some point, your body will rebel and cannot push anymore.
Life continues to move forward and I am so thankful for the moments I know that my body is continuing to heal. One day at a time I will continue to fight this battle. For my warrior friends who are also battling their own battles, stay strong. Chin up and keep pushing forward. God’s got US! #ilovemyprayerwarriors

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