Pain Levels Continue to Rise


You know that feeling you get hours after you ran a marathon? Or maybe the feeling you get the next day after a brutal workout? Your hamstrings scream at you with every step. Your triceps and deltoids have pain with a gentle poke. Your back does not seem to move like it did just days before.

Pain has grabbed onto my body for the past few days and will not let go. The battle against Lyme can be brutal. Symptoms change from day to day and mess with your head. Literally! As I am sitting here typing this, I realized I would not have been able to type these sentences two months ago. The brain fog or impaired feeling took control of my life. Forming sentences became a challenge. There is not a specific protocol or magic pill to make it go away. Many people battling this illness go through a variety of different types of treatments just to find some relief and help.
I continue to treat and detox with my support system cheering me on. Today’s “therapy” included a kick off to my morning with 600 community leaders sharing their passion for making our community thrive followed by one hour of somewhat painful yet very healing massage. One day at a time, I continue to fight this battle. I am so thankful for the moments where I feel “normal”. This battle will not be a quick or easy one to fight, but I’m pretty confident that Lyme has messed with the wrong girl. I’ve got my gloves on and am ready to go…literally…My hands are always cold 😊 I have MANY friends reading this tonight who are fighting their own battles. Whatever your battles may be, just know you are loved. Keep fighting. God’s Got US!

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