What a Difference a Year Makes

From a brief glance, it would appear I was having the time of my life in both of these pictures snapped at Wrigley Field. You see, these pictures only tell a small part of the story.

One was taken in the summer of 2017 while the other was taken just a week ago. I desperately wanted to attend the game in 2017. The problem was, I was buried deep in a lyme treatment that was not working. A treatment that was actually making me horribly ill. I fought with all my might to get myself to the game. I only lasted 5 innings, long enough to see Bryant knock a ball outta the park. I left the stadium in pain, overwhelmed by the crowds and noise, fearful that I would pass out at any moment, frustrated and in tears that I couldn’t stay and watch the end. I ended up defeated back at the hotel as my body was unable to handle the stress.


Fast forward to a year later after I finally found a treatment that worked for me. I not only managed to get myself into the stadium, but I maneuvered through massive crowds, listened to their chants and proudly sat in my tiny stadium chair cheering the Cubs on.


I share my story to encourage my friends who are still fighting the battle. I remember days when I felt like the struggle would NEVER end. I remember days I truly thought I was dying. There is hope. Keep fighting. I am proof that healing is possible. #Godsgotus

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