Hey Siri, How Much Epsom Salt Will I Need to Make Me Feel Human?

You know the feeling you get when you think something is not right? Maybe it’s the flu? Maybe it’s something you ate? You ignore the signals your body is giving you to push through and do what you want to. Pushing through my day = pain levels skyrocket. Pushing through gives lyme the perfect opportunity to prey on my weakened immune system. Ughhh. It is exhausting and frustrating to fight for normalcy to have to be forced to turn around and head back to the couch.
Today I am thankful for opportunities to leave the house and be normal. I am feeling much better than I was a year ago or even a few months ago, although this fight is far from over. While I am able to hide most of my lingering symptoms, it is exhausting. I will continue to speak up and fight for those without a voice. Keep fighting battle buddies. The fight is not easy, but it is one worth fighting. Today’s Monday motivation is brought to you by Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt, Advil, Icy Hot, Young Living Essential Oils and LIFE WTR. 21768179_10155747030921528_3354517236373694866_n

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