Flu Epidemic

27332338_10156117635301528_6936404012890010393_nThe current flu epidemic has received a lot of media attention. Rightfully so, as it is very scary and seems to be spreading like a wildfire.
I can’t help but wonder why Lyme disease does not receive the same attention. Yes, I have seen a few articles or stories from time to time on Lyme, but it just seems to be swept under the rug.
One by one, patients are not receiving proper care and are slowly loosing control from the debilitating symptoms. Many doctors do not know how to properly test for Lyme, let alone acknowledge that chronic Lyme even exists. I can tell you it does! I’ve lived the nightmare.
Our medical communities need to be educated that Lyme does not always equal a tick bite followed by a bulls eye rash. Our country needs better testing and diagnostic tools to aide doctors in properly evaluating if a patient has Lyme disease or any of the co-infections. Insurance companies need to step up and help patients cover the cost of treatments.
The past couple of years were a struggle for me to live through while I faced debilitating symptoms everyday. I’m thankful that I fall into the category of finding a treatment and having a support system to help me make that treatment possible (more blog posts will be loaded soon on my treatment protocol). I do still have some lingering symptoms that flare up from time to time. I am hopeful as I regain my strength and continue to follow my doctors daily protocol, the annoying symptoms will continue to dwindle.
I am determined to speak up for those who do not have a voice. For those who feel defeated by our current medical system. Keep fighting for another day! The fight is worth it.
#GodsGotUs #LymeWarrior

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