I’m NOT okay.

I’m okay …. I’m NOT okay.
Those two sentences mean very different things. Why do we often choose the safe answer and say I’m okay or I’m fine? Why is it so hard to say the words “I’m NOT okay”? Sometimes it is easier to simply avoid the question and move on with your day. Facing the music and saying the words I’m NOT okay is not easy. The reality of NOT being okay is harsh or sometimes scary as you face what seems to be like the same struggles everyday.
Somedays I even try to convince myself or my family that I am okay when the truth is that I am NOT okay.

Living life with a chronic illness, chronic pain, debilitating panic attacks, whatever it is that plagues you from thriving in your daily activities is frustrating. It’s not only a physical challenge but also a mental challenge as your body is not able to do the things you want to be doing.
I am working hard to kick lyme to the curb. It’s not an easy fight and I have had many days where I have NOT been okay. As my treatment continues to take hold and kill off the junk that has taken over my system, I am beginning to have moments (even maybe a full day) where I can truthfully say “I am okay!”. The fight has not been easy, the journey has been miserable at times, but I am coming back stronger. Stronger in a different way.
The rollercoaster of symptoms continues and I am learning different coping mechanisms to make it through my days. My family and friends have held me up (sometimes literally) to make it to this point.
Whatever battle you are fighting, you can do it! Keep fighting for tomorrow. For my fellow Lyme warriors, we can do this. Stand up, speak up, educate and be a small voice among many who are fighting for a cure. #GodsgotUS #Stronger #peaceoutpain

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