Good News; Bad News

Hands like ice, three numb fingers, vibrations pulsing throughout your body, pins and needles in both feet, pain in back and neck, brain fog, feeling like passing out, sensitivity to lights and sound….my current list of roller coaster symptoms that I am experiencing daily goes on.
Battling chronic Lyme is no joke. It is also very real and can be very scary for the person who is enduring the fight. When you fight the same sickness day after day, month after month, it gets old. Really old!

Good news: Most days I can hide my symptoms pretty well.
Bad news: I work so hard to hide my symptoms and do what I want to do outside of the house that nights seem to be a challenge both mentally and physically.

Good news: Some of the symptoms in my lengthy list (stabbing pains on both sides, dizziness, debilitating fatigue, pain on arches of feet, awful skin rashes, hallucinations, vivid dreams) are gone…hopefully to never return.
Bad news: Many of my symptoms still linger which means this battle is far from over.

Good news: I have tried tons of detox methods and am learning which ones seem to be working best to help rid my body of the grip Lyme disease has on it.
Bad news: Detoxing is not quick. Detox is not cheap. Each specific detox method takes planning and hours out of my day.

Good news: Epsom salt.
Bad news: When I run out

Good news: My family and friends have never left my side. Fighting a battle each day to regain your health is a challenge. I am blessed by awesome parents and a sister, a supportive husband, two fantastic kids and what seems to be a never ending list of friends cheering me on. Shout out to Rebecca and Dave for working overtime to not only hold PawPrint Ministries together but to continue to help me propel our thriving organization into the future.
I choose to share my story about life with a hidden illness to raise awareness. Be kind to those you meet. You never know what battle that person has faced that day to simply get out of bed. To my Lymie Warriors: Another day is in the books. Another day closer to beating this beast. Keep fighting. #GodsgotUS #peaceoutlyme21034406_10155659887706528_9164922666407516500_n

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