Limitless or Limited?

Limits. We all have them. The number of drinks you can consume while out with friends, the number plates you can fill and eat at a buffet, speed limits…we are surrounded by limits everyday. But what about your body? Do you feel limitless? Do your limits change? What if they change overnight? What if you are able to happily endure a brutal workout at the gym one week (some of my old PT clients know those workouts well) and the next week you are unable to get yourself out of bed.

As I continue to fight everyday for my health, I am learning that my body is not limitless. A person living with a chronic illness must strategically plan each day to allow for enough energy to face the tasks that make it to the top of the priorities list. New routines are developed just to get your body out of bed. Simply taking that first step to start your day requires an actual plan to ensure that you don’t end up on the floor. I never thought a second thing about brushing and drying my hair. Now I give myself extra time to get that done as my arms and hands begin to tingle and go numb.

Getting myself to the gym is a workout in itself. The doctor is allowing me to workout for 20 minutes every other day, but I am required to “take it easy”. Being at the gym and taking it easy don’t go in the same sentence. My body has new limits right now. Ignoring those limits will cause more damage rather than being beneficial to my recovery.
We all must listen to our bodies. Step 1 to treating any illness is to take care of your body. Each day I face is filled with a strategic plan so I have the stamina to accomplish the tasks I want to. Some days require me to lay low and store up energy for the next day. Giving my body the proper fuel to face the day is vital. I continue to work hard preparing my three meals a day that fall within the guidelines set by my doc.
To my battling friends: Remember to take the time to take care of your body. That is a major building block to rebuilding your life. Acknowledge your current limits and work with them. Listen to your body. We can do this. God’s got US!

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