When Panic Strikes

Leaving the safety of your house with a hidden illness can be a daunting task. Jordan had a basketball tournament this weekend at Illinois Wesleyan. I was not able to make it to his games on Saturday, but I was determined to get there Sunday. I woke up not feeling well at all. I ignored the signs my body was giving me and pulled myself together to get to the tournament.
Walking into a noisy, crowded, stuffy gym when you are already feeling off causes the symptoms to intensify. Within minutes of attempting to fit in, fatigue and pain had a grip on me, my hands went numb, my arms were tingling and panic began to set in. My choices were to lay on the floor in the middle of the gym until the symptoms subsided, go to the hot car, or find a corner to hide. After quickly looking around, I was able to retreat to an upper balcony and watch my boy work his magic on the court from there.

Battling a hidden illness can be lonely. It’s frustrating when your body forces you to retreat or to become isolated. Someday (hopefully soon) I will be able to join the other moms back on the bleachers cheering for their boys. For now, I am happy that I was able to proudly cheer my boy on from the balcony for both games. My son played some of the best basketball I have ever seen him play today. Thankful I was able to stick it out and cheer for The LSA basketball boys. #GodsGotUS! #keepbattling

Signed, The proud mom watching between the bars on the upper level.

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