Emergency EXIT

Does this roller coaster have an emergency exit?? My journey continues as persistent symptoms come and go in waves. Stress seems to cause the symptoms to snowball out of control.

My doctor allowed me to back off on my aggressive treatment so I could enjoy some time with my family in Chicago last week. I took 2 days off of treatment. I started back up Friday morning and boy did I pay for the days off…I still am! Ugh. Today I have been able to get off the couch and do many of the things on my to do list I wanted to get done…like simply posting an update and going on one of my favorite dog visits with Payton. When lyme attacks your brain, it is hard to put into words or find the energy to even write. I easily become frustrated with myself as my productivity level is so low. The battle is long, the journey can be frustrating, but it certainly has given me an entirely new outlook on life. Simply being able to walk up a flight of steps without pain or speaking in complete sentences without loosing your thoughts is a blessing. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other I will continue my battle. I will fight to regain my health. To my battle buddies: let the tears fall, then dust yourself off and let’s fight. #GodsGotUS #ihaterollercoasters

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