The ugly part of Lyme Disease that you don’t see: INSOMNIA.
I write this update as I watch the sun come up. Insomnia decided to take over my night and I have not yet slept. My treatment has caused my body to go into overdrive. I tried every trick in the book to go to sleep last night. The tingling vibrations in my entire body are too much to allow for sleep. Insomnia, tinnitus, fatigue, and the feeling of your skin crawling are a horrible combination, especially when all you want and need is sleep. Somedays you have to fight just a little bit harder to get through the day. You have to outsmart an illness that is hiding in every corner of your body. I will keep fighting with my Lyme warriors…but first I will sleep. Hugs to all my battle buddies. #GodsGotUs #wheresmypillow

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