The Face of Pain

What does pain look like? Most days, my pain is not visible, although when I was deep in my battle, I was unable to hide the reality of excruciating pain that ruled my every move. When the pain was unbearable, I would hide. I would retreat to my spot on the hardwood floor in a ball praying that it would loosen its grips on my body.

I have given birth to two children, and I can tell you this pain was like nothing I have ever experienced. When I had my kids, I knew the end was in sight and a beautiful baby would be the light at the end of the tunnel. With Lyme disease, I had no end in sight. Some days, I was able to pull myself together and leave the house, but it would come at a cost with increased pain levels, brutal insomnia and brain fog that cannot even be described. I had pain all over my entire body although it was the worst on my lower left back. I still have residual pain, although most days it does not stop me in my tracks. Someday our country will step up and acknowledge that Lyme Disease is real. Until then, I will continue to speak up for those who are currently fighting for their lives. Keep going Lyme warriors. I am proof that you can find healing. #livingwithgritandgrace #pain

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