You Have Chronic Lyme Disease

Stabbing pains, brain fog, rash, itchy skin, cold hands, numb fingers, fatigue, aches, crawling skin, “bugs eating your brain” and insomnia. Symptoms vary from day to day, minute to minute, and can truly mess with your head. I have experienced each one of these symptoms and more for quite some time over the past few months.
I went to the doctor today to hear the results of the numerous tests he ran. He determined I have chronic Lyme Disease and multiple co-infections. Treatment protocols can vary. We are weighing the options of staying local or working with a specialist out of state. The restricted diet has helped with my symptoms immensely. We are adding additional supplements to help me regain some of my strength and stamina. Meanwhile, my doc is on speed dial to help along the way with any bumps in the road. I feel like we are on the right track and thankful to finally get some answers.

Lyme Disease is often misdiagnosed which is most likely the case for me also as my doctor wanted to test me for it three years ago when I was having medical issues. I declined at that time. Thankfully, I finally decided to go ahead testing. It is a relief to have a doctor work so hard to get to the core of my health problems.

I am able to “pull myself together”, put on a smile and leave the house, although it takes everything inside of me to make that happen. I have SOOOO many friends that understand this reality. Reality of not knowing how they are going to face the world or even put one foot in front of the other. Lesson Learned: Be kind to those you meet; you never know what battle they are facing.
I am so thankful and blessed by an outstanding support system that has gotten me through these last few years. I am grateful for my awesome family and friends who have held me up when life seems to be dragging me down. Each of you are loved and make me smile. Thank YOU for just being YOU. #Godsgotthis #letsbattle

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