Warrior. What does that word mean to you? Do you feel like a warrior? Battling a chronic illness can be draining not only physically but also mentally. The mind games, anxiety, panic, depression can all be so overwhelming. Where do you find the strength to pull yourself out of bed or get yourself to your next treatment? {Philippians 4:13}
25591617_10156001192651528_2249483322268225257_nMy feet have been back in Central Illinois for a week. I am working on adjusting back into a normal routine. While I am feeling loads better, the doctor has given me strict instructions on pacing the fun. As my body continues to heal and regroup, I am to limit the time I spend working. This is a challenge as I am feeling so much better. If I push my limits, it could very quickly send me back into a tailspin.
I am thankful for the time spent in Florida and the massive boost I received from the month of treatment. Prior to treatment, my pain levels were a 6-9 everyday…my levels are now a 0-2 everyday! The joint aches are gone, inflammation has been greatly reduced, energy is back, and insomnia is gone. I have a few lingering symptoms that I am hopeful will resolve over time. My days are still filled with immune boosting vitamins and supplements. I am working hard to follow doctors orders and stick to the limits to allow my body time to heal. Thanks for all the prayers, notes and sweet messages.
Keep fighting, Lyme warriors.

Let your FAITH be bigger than your fears.

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