December 21, 2017...Warrior. What does that word mean to you? Do you feel like a warrior? Battling a chronic illness can be draining not only physically but also mentally. The mind games, anxiety, panic, depression can all be so overwhelming. Where do you find the strength to pull yourself out of bed or get yourself … Continue reading Warrior

Final Day of Treatment

December 12, 2017...What a difference a day makes...or maybe a month! ~ Today was my final day of intensive IV therapy. I feel so much better and am thankful for the opportunity I had to receive these treatments. ~ I will have a protocol that I need to follow at home for the next 6 … Continue reading Final Day of Treatment

8 Hour Treatment Days

December 11, 2017...How does a girl get through 8 hour treatment days?!?!...with an amazing support system. ❤️ ~ Shout out to my parents who flew me to Florida for a one day doctor appointment that turned into a month. My mom stayed with me and sat by my chair everyday during IV infusions, brought me … Continue reading 8 Hour Treatment Days

Day 21…IV Treatments

December 5, 2017...Treatments are going well. I continue to see improvements in my health everyday. Sitting in a chair while tied to an IV pole for 8 hours a day makes for a long day. The doctor is wonderful and will drop everything at a moments notice to help with any bumps in the road. … Continue reading Day 21…IV Treatments

Vibrations, a Magraine, and Pain…OH MY!!! (Day 12)

November 26, 2017...The past week has been a roller coaster of a journey with hours spent each day at the doctors office hooked up to an IV pole. I’ve had moments of feeling better and moments of not feeling well at all. The doctor says week three of treatment is typically the week patients begin … Continue reading Vibrations, a Magraine, and Pain…OH MY!!! (Day 12)

Day 9 of Treatment Protocol

November 23, 2017...Day 9 of treatment. Thankful today for my parents who are sacrificing so much to make these treatments in Florida possible. Also thankful for a surprise visit from Comfort Dog Sterling's PawPrints and Harry and Hilary and Hilary’s sweet Mom for a Thanksgiving feast at our favorite diner here. ❤️ As days progress, … Continue reading Day 9 of Treatment Protocol

IV Treatments

November 17, 2017...To effectively treat lyme disease, you must address all related co-infections and build up your immune system. This is a long process but necessary for successful treatment. Its resistance to antibiotics, traditional treatments, and natural treatments is what makes chronic Lyme Disease difficult to treat. Today marks Day 3 of my intensive one … Continue reading IV Treatments

Road to Recovery

November 15, 2017...It has been an overwhelming last few days with doctor appointments, additional testing, lab work and canceled airline flights. After consulting with the doctor, we have decided the best course of action is to begin treatment so I may get back home to my family as soon as possible and feel well again. … Continue reading Road to Recovery

Out of Order

November 1, 2017...Somedays the pain becomes too much to grin an bear. Your head spins to figure out what you did differently to cause pain levels to skyrocket out of control. ~ Today is one of those days. After a great nights sleep last night and feeling fantastic this morning, I might have overdone it … Continue reading Out of Order

Searching for the Magic Bullet…

October 30, 2017...Lyme disease is one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the country and one of the most difficult to diagnose. I would never thought a label of Lyme Disease would be smacked on my forehead - and when it was, I didn’t really understand the reality. This epidemic is a growing threat … Continue reading Searching for the Magic Bullet…