Road to Recovery

It has been an overwhelming last few days with doctor appointments, additional testing, lab work and canceled airline flights. After consulting with the doctor, we have decided the best course of action is to begin treatment so I may get back home to my family as soon as possible and feel well again.
I will be receiving intensive medical treatment for Lyme disease in Florida. This will require me to be in the doctor’s office 5 days a week for the next month for 3-8 hours a day receiving different IV therapies to destroy every last ounce of Lyme disease in my body. If the treatments go as planned, I will finish my last infusion Friday, December 8.
Thanks for all the prayers. This will be a huge challenge to go through such intense treatment so far from my husband and kiddos. I’m thankful for our massive support system to help us through these challenges. It’s been a rough year. I’m ready to feel well again. A huge shout out to my parents for getting me down here and driving me to and from appointments.

Lyme Warriors…I’ve grown tired of the battle, I am officially pulling out the big guns to hopefully kick Lyme to the curb. Keep fighting with me!!!! #Godsgotus 23559699_10155888294961528_7731382317883947523_n

One thought on “Road to Recovery

  1. I have read along on your journey – it inspires me to keep pushing. I’m wondering where you went and what your treatment protocol was. I am tempted to move my family to Florida to beat this. You are right when you say our families have suffered enough.
    God Bless you,



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