IV Treatments

To effectively treat lyme disease, you must address all related co-infections and build up your immune system. This is a long process but necessary for successful treatment. Its resistance to antibiotics, traditional treatments, and natural treatments is what makes chronic Lyme Disease difficult to treat.

23755376_10155894141161528_4157215731696699878_nToday marks Day 3 of my intensive one month treatment protocol. Sitting in a doctor’s office for hours everyday receiving infusions is not my idea of fun. Neither is having Lyme disease! My family and I have suffered long enough. We are hopeful that this treatment will quickly take hold and help me regain my life.
This treatment protocol is not easy or quick. It requires me to carry meds with me everywhere that need to be taken throughout the day. Week three is supposed to be the magic week when patients begin feeling better. We will find out.

I will continue this battle and fight with all my might. Keep fighting Lyme Warriors…it is a battle worth fighting. #Godsgotus 

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