My Body is in Battle Mode

Days come and go, symptoms change from day to day. One day is filled with chronic pain and fatigue while the next day might be full of brain fog and poor balance. Lyme suffers are great actors. You hide during the horrible moments and put a smile on when you can pull yourself together to leave the house. You spend hours at home trying to get your body functioning like “normal”. Your memory is bad. Simple tasks like driving from point A to point B are much harder as you need to concentrate ten times more to get to where you want to go. It is exhausting.

My body is constantly in battle mode. Fighting off whatever has a hold on me. Working in overdrive to complete tasks. Laundry and simple housework is a major undertaking. Today I have been able to work for an hour or two before my body rebels and forces me to rest. Naps during the day are what allow me to function. As a very active girl, that is not a fun reality although I am trying my best to listen to when my body is screaming for a time out. I have learned if I do not listen, it will literally knock me to the floor. Brain fog, fatigue and dizziness kick in as I push to be “normal” and do the things I want to do. Battling Lyme is not quick or easy. Sharing my story and pain/weaknesses is not easy, although I choose to put it out there as I know so many people can relate to the reality of not knowing how they are going to get through the day.

Thank you to all my prayer warriors that keep me going and my family and friends who have stood with me to kick Lyme to the curb. To my battling friends: one moment at a time, one small task checked off the list at a time. God’s Got US!

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