Paying the Price for Leaving the House

How can go you from feeling like a rockstar one minute to having pain, brain fog and anxiety hit you upside the head forcing you to search for the nearest exit?!?! I have been spending much more time out of the house, although it comes with a price. It is so draining physically and mentally to fight through and hide the symptoms of Lyme.
When I become plagued with symptoms, I retreat and hide. I run for the exit and make my way back to my safe spot to fight off whatever has taken over my body. The roller coaster sucks.

For my chronic warriors reading this, keep fighting for another day. The battle is worth fighting. Challenge yourself everyday to find one thing you can be grateful for. A roof over your head, police and military who sacrifice for us, being able to get out of bed, or simply walking. Somedays we have to work a bit harder to find the joy. Embrace your grit, lace up your boots…and never give up. #livingwithgritandgrace #nevergiveup

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