Living with Chronic Lyme

28378796_10156202332586528_3831907642555521751_nThe daily struggle I endured with Lyme disease was real. The confusion, sleepless nights, the pain. The tears that were shed behind closed doors. Tears of pain. Tears of frustration. Tears from not understanding. Tears from being scared and overwhelmed.
Lyme disease slowly stripped me of my normal reality. The pain became unbearable to the point I would spend sleepless nights lying on the hardwood floor crying. Going from a healthy, physically fit person to requiring assistance to get up from a chair is very humbling.
Battling a chronic illness that much of the medical community in our country does not understand or recognize is an overwhelming battle. Finding a knowledgeable doctor to help, searching for treatment options, pleading with insurance companies to pay for even a small part of treatment. This is a very real and scary reality that many people in our country are facing everyday. There is no cure for Lyme disease. The medical community is also not well educated on how to test and treat a chronic Lyme patient.
My latest treatment seems to be taking hold and has given me some much needed relief from the debilitating symptoms of Lyme. I am working hard everyday to rebuild strength and adjust to my new normals.
Battling Lyme disease is not easy. Being misdiagnosed or labeled as a medical mystery is a common reality many chronic Lyme patients share. While I continue to rebuild my life and fight back against Lyme disease, I will speak up so that one day Lyme patients may be able to easily locate adequate care. Keep fighting, warriors! Sleep in peace tonight knowing that God is bigger than anything you may face tomorrow.

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